Architectural Wraps

High-end finish Architectural Wraps for fast high quality refurbishments

These high-end finish Architectural Wraps are perfect for many industries and have considerable benefits over traditional refurbishments, not least  cutting the cost of projects in at least half.  No matter what premises or type of space you are looking to upgrade or renovate, with our architectural films and design expertise we can transform and permanently refresh surfaces within timescales you could only dream of.  Business continuity is integral to the plan - customers can enjoy the amazing results much sooner than if you refurbished in a more traditional way.

By using colour, wood, stone, leather and metallic finishes,many with a textured feel, we can renovate your business premises in around half the time it would take using classic refurbishment processes. With a selection of around 1000 embossed textures or solid colours to choose from,your options are immense. Transform any interior substrate surface with leather effect films or a shimmering marble finish and upgrade your status in the market place no matter what your line of business.

Our installation teams are able to work in any premises and renovation could not be simpler with our architectural films. Clients love that almost any naturally sourced material can be replicated and applied rapidly to refresh outdated or shabby decor without having to spend thousands on the genuine article or without pulling down and re-building infrastructure.  From window frames to walls, doors and plinths, we take around half the time to finish the job!

Architectural films are strong and durable and are manufactured to be long lasting. Vinyl films are washable, hygienic and resistant to all manner of rough treatment.  With minimum fuss and disruption we can employ methods with architectural surface wrapping that can recover front of house,restaurant desks, reception areas, doors, furniture and walls. No need to close off rooms or areas for days or weeks at a time to remove and replace with costly new furniture.  

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