"Guaranteed to be Unique"

The Gold Standard for Personalised Automotive Interiors

Camat brings to the luxury market place our specialist printed highly durable car interiors.

You can now enjoy unique interiors to reflect your personality. We can turn your ideas into reality. Our professional experience in graphic design and material printing alongside our team of designers and installers gives our clients the service they would expect from the highest skilled artisans anywhere. Customers expect a vehicle interior to reflect their unique character and passions and that is what we deliver.

Camat finishes are a brand new patented development with decades of innovation and industry expertise behind it.   The resulting printed fabrics have been subjected successfully to numerous British standard tests.  The fabric is ultra-hard wearing – indeed 100% scratch resistant – but pliable enough to fit the most challenging of spaces

Transform any type of vehicle interior, creating your unique and personal finish. It can also be used for many other areas so why not brand your stadium, managers and players seating with your personal team or sponsorship branding or why not have a piece of furniture turned into a unique piece of art.. The options are endless, your imagination and vision is all that is needed – we do the rest.

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