"Guaranteed to be Unique"

The Gold Standard for Personalised Golf Bags

Hand Crafted and Personalised Printed Golf Bags

A first to the market, Camat™ luxury printed Golf Bags for the discerning golfer who wants to showcase their unique style and personality.

No two individually commissioned bags will ever be the same. Our soon to be launched limited edition prints will be limited to just 10 bags for each run.

These bags are NOT like any other on the market which usually simply solid colours with logos and text. The Camat finish is full colour across the whole bag.

All our Golf Bags are printed and designed in Scotland.  Our supplier already provides premium quality bags to many international known golfing superstars as well as most of the premium outlets around the world.  

Golfers can choose a completely unique design with anything you want that says just who you are.  All individual bags are supplied with a hand engraved plaque to allow for complete personalisation. All limited edition bags will have a numbered plaque with details of date and design.

Why not have your golfing hero or an image of your performance car, something to commemorate a significant time in your life or golf course you have played……anything is possible, everything is feasible.  Our design team will work with you every step of the way to make sure your bag is exactly how you envisaged.

Golfers appreciate great quality and know how the right equipment makes the job of winning the round easier and more fun. Discerning Golfers will have....

Top golf clubs -  √
Quality Golf Balls - √
Comfortably stylish clothing - √
Great Shoes - √
Umbrellas, Waterproofs, tees……. √
And now you can own the ultimate in Golf Bags with a Camat  original

Personalised Golf Bags can make the perfect gift for the golfer that thinks he has everything already. Show the golfer in your life how much you care.

Each bag is made of the highest quality components and the attention to detail is exactly as you’d expect from a luxury product.  The Camat process allows for the printing of any image or images onto highly durable materials which are then precision cut and assembled with infinite care to bring you the ultimate golfing accessory which will last for years.

Camat  is brand new patented development with decades of innovation and industry expertise behind it.   The resulting printed finishes have been subjected successfully to numerous British standard tests.  The bag is ultra-hard wearing – indeed 100% scratch resistant.  Your bag will look just as good, bright, clear and eye catching in years to come as it does fresh out of the box.

Delivery is 6 – 8 weeks for each bag, even our limited edition bags, to allow our craftsmen time to ensure every bag is perfect.

Complete your passion for golf with the bag you deserve.


The John Young Group is a multi-award winning and nominated company in the UK and Europe for Design and Innovation