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Weather Proof Signs for Golf Courses

The Revolutionary Sign Post System

This revolutionary sign post system is a robust, no rust, no rot and ultra low maintenance new innovation to the market. Designed and manufactured in the UK by a multi award winning company, the system has the added bonus of the posts being 10 year UV resistant as well as ultra-low maintenance.  

Halian - the robust no rust, no rot, ultra low maintenance sign system

Why Halian as opposed to wooden signs

Wood rots, it’s as simple as that.  No matter how well treated the wooden posts are, they will rot.  The more damage a wooden post sustains, for example when getting strimmed which can go through to the bare wood, the quicker it rots.  Wood can also get mouldy or covered in algae.  Coastal Golf Course signs are more at risk to the elements: salt spray, wind and rain.  Both wooden and metal sign systems need frequent maintenance and replacing.

Wood is high maintenance over the course of a year accounting for many man hours.  Signs being sanded then painted or varnished. A Halian Sign needs none of that.

Halian Signs are UV resistant as well.  No fading in the sunshine, especially valuable for the many links courses across the country.

The Halian Sign Systems are modular which means if a stray golf ball does damage a sign, only the bit with the actual damage can be easily replaced.  This can be done quickly by maintenance staff and usually only takes a few days to be sent.

Signs which are made of cast zinc materials or granite for example, require the whole sign replaced, even if it is just a small piece of information needing changed such as yardage. The Halian Sign is also cost effective as it is easy to change sponsorship information which tends to vary every year or so.  Only the sponsor area needs to be updated and with the Halian Sign System all you need to do is speak to us and we can supply cut to size weather proof replacement information in just days. Perfect for last minute changes or special occasions at the Golf Course.

Lundin Golf Club - a delighted customer
“What we've actually found about the signs is the level of presentation that is given to the golf course is exceptional. We've had a lot of good comments from members regarding the presentation of it. They're very robust, and, at the same time, for my staff, when they're actually going to mow them, they're so easy to lift out the ground as well. It saves you from strimming round about them. You get a great level of presentation when they'rein place. What we do find is that the structure is so much better (than) some of the conventional signs, because you have to take them out of the ground to mow, etc. and you were trying to put them back in just with the metal posts on them, they always lay to the side. They never looked good.  The presentation was always very poor."

Value for Money with Halian

Halian Signs instantly, give sponsors who could be paying several thousands for their corporate presence, value for their investment.   We had a recent example where the Club asked us to make up a mock sign to display in the clubhouse.  They sold ALL their hole sponsorship over a few days.  Sponsors could see immediately how good they would look.

Good signage enhances even the most modest course.   It can significantly increase the perceived status of a Golf Club.

The Halian Sign System doesn’t have face fixings which many other companies signs do.  No external screws or bolts to rust.  This also makes the sign more aesthetically pleasing.
Greenkeepers love the Halian Sign system because they can be quickly removed to cut the grass and just as quickly replaced- all by one person.

Halian Signs are all custom made to the exact sizes required by the Clubs. There is no need to compromise to ‘catalogue’ sizes.  

For one installation the course had a large welcome board with various pieces of information on it such as informing players which greens to play off and buggies allowed or not. We made them a slider system which was quick and easy to use whilst still keeping a very smart sign.  Another course wanted magnetic panels: we were happy to oblige.

One great idea we did for another club was to place a digital clock onto the welcome sign. Players love it as they can tell at a glance how long till tee-off.

Call or email today to find out more about how Halian can make your Golf Course stand out from the crowd.