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Choosing the Right Signs

Signs are usually only looked at for a few seconds so you need to make impact right away. We can advise on what will work.  With 30 years of experience in this industrywe know what works.  We often find that designs from other suppliers, miss subtle parts of the message or opportunities to stand out from the crowd.  It’s often the little extras that count

Halian - the robust no rust, no rot, ultra low maintenance sign system

Halian - Choosing the right look

Colours – Black and White is simple but it can look cheap.  Choose colours that complement your logo or crest.  For example Navy Blue and Gold is a really winning and elegant combination. If your signs are being digitally printed there shouldn’t be any cost implications.

If a logo or crest is pretty loud colour-wise, we’d recommend picking one of the colours and using that as a background.  Keep the logo standalone and work around it.

The messages on the signs have to be simple, almost childproof.  When considering what to put on your signs, ask for a few opinions. What seems clear to you may well not be so to someone else.  People’s perceptions are different.  No-one is wrong, it’s just the way people read and interpret the messages.

If your signs are digitally printed, you can use photographs or images to enhance your message easily. Remember a picture can be worth a thousand words.

We recently produced signs for a well known internationally famous golf club who had their original sign company produce a layout.  However, anyone who wasn’t competent in golfer’s language would never understand what was on the sign. We designed signs that were easy to read with a nice header and all the information designed so there would be no issues when looking at the information. We even produced the signs to look like they were 3D and not just a flat dull sign.

What to say

Look at your sign and decide what is ‘clutter’ and what is the message you want to impart.  Often people want to cram too much information. A great way to do this is to look at all the messages on the sign and objectively decide just how important it is on a scale of 1 – 10.  Take away anything less than 1.  Put it on another sign where it matters and will be read.

Don’t over complicate a font.   Fonts – don’t use script type fonts.  They are too hard to read quickly.  Use a block letter style font with some character.  Think about your audience and do they need visual aids?  If so make it easy to read without their specs.  Thin might look elegant but won’t be easy to read. Colours again matter, for example dark blue and grey just don’t work.  Silver and Black stand out.  

For Golf Clubs we recommend the information on the signs as normally the venue or club name is at the top, then the hole number is prominently displayed so that if you are coming from a distance it’s easy to see.  Then the rest of the hole and course information.  We recommend placing sponsorship information at the bottom and we will work with the sponsor logos to ensure they are best represented as well as your course.  Because a sponsor logo and corporate colours may well be quite different to your chosen image, our expertise in managing sign design means that everyone will be happy with the final product look.  This outline guidance works well for other sporting events too.

Where to say it

Where to put your signs – these signs are often called tee signs but they are in actual fact information signs.  They need to be where people can easily seethe information but not in line of play. No matter how strong a sign is, a stray flying golf ball will damage it.  The Halian Sign System is almost indestructible but for example, a flying golf ball at close range can damage most items.

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