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Weather Proof Signs

The Revolutionary Sign Post System

This revolutionary sign post system is a robust, no rust, no rot and ultra low maintenance new innovation to the market. Designed and manufactured in the UK by a multi award winning company, the system has the added bonus of the posts being 10 year UV resistant as well as ultra-low maintenance.  The Halian PVCU System is ideal for :  
Golf Clubs   
Accommodation Providers
Home Owners     
Outdoor Sports Venues

 …and anywhere else that needs a sturdy, long lasting and flexible sign system built to withstand all the weather can throw at it. 

Halian - the robust no rust, no rot, ultra low maintenance sign system

The Halian System was developed by The John Young Group.  The John Young Group Design and Signage division were frequently encountering the same problem with external signpost installations, especially at golf courses, hotels and restaurants.  

The actual sign posts were in need of constant replacement due to exposure to the elements.  What was available on the marketplace was just not up to the job and still awkward to maintain and with very little choice of finishes. 

Why design a fabulous sign for it to hang on a mediocre or dilapidated post? 

Golf Courses

After spending time with several prestigious golf clubs around the country, it became clear that Greenkeepers wanted an external signpost system that would not only withstand the elements but would make keeping the tees in pristine condition easier with low maintenance and be less time consuming.  At the same time Golf Clubs needed something easily customisable to make sure their sponsors would enjoy value for their investment with prominent and easy to read signs. 

The Halian Mowover version of the Sign System was the answer allowing Greenkeepers everywhere to remove the whole sign effortlessly, maintain the grass and replace.  And with the variable display options, all the information need for each hole was easy to display.  Attracting sponsors became easier too with a variety of display options available. Greenkeepers everywhere – just imagine no more time consuming and costly maintenance for course signage 

Sporting Venues

But it’s not just Golfers, any Outdoor Venue which needs flexible signage that will withstand all that the great British weather will throw at it year in year out.  That’s why Scotland’s National Motorsport Centre at Knockhill swear by the Halian Sign Post System.   

Stuart Gray, Events Director said “We are pleased to have installed Halian signs around the circuit as they have proved to be robust against the weather and adaptable in terms of their construction which also makes them easy to update.” 

Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Tourist Destinations, Retreats, anywhere that needs to let people know how to get there can all  benefit from a Halian External Signpost System.  When staff have got better things to do with their time than be constantly repairing signs, it’s time to get a Halian System installed.  Halian equals years of virtually no maintenance. 

Do you need to quickly change your signage – Full or Vacancies?  The Halian System can do that.  It’s the perfect answer to let visitors and guests know they have arrived and looks fabulous too – the right impression from the start for prestigious destinations. 

Houses, Farms, Country Buildings – all those properties that aren’t always easy to locate can also benefit from a sturdy and well-designed sign.  As Mr & Mrs T. of Perth & Kinross said  

We couldn’t be happier with our new Halian sign by John Young Signs.  John and his team were very attentive to getting the design and spec just right.  The result is an eye-catching sign which stands out and helps anyone visiting (not least all the parcel delivery folk) find us easily from the road.  Very happy customer”  

Where could you use an outdoor sign that is head and shoulders above anything else on the marketplace, which will look fabulous not just when out up but in years to come?  All you’ll need to do once installed is wipe clean now and then! 

Call one of our team today to discuss your requirements – one standalone sign to a fully fitted Golf Course, the largest hotel to the smallest B&B, we can help you.